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SICK Flexi Loop – Safety for Every Industry

May 1, 2014

FlexiloopSaves costs with sensor cascades that communicate

The decentralized Flexi Loop integration design enables cost-saving cascading of safety switches and sensors within a machine module as well as setting up extensive diagnostic options.

The use of Flexi Loop allows integrating cost-efficiently up to eight sensor cascades with up to 32 dual-channel safety switches and safety sensors each via unshielded 5-core standard cables and standard M12 connector technology.


SICK Reflex Array Sensor

January 7, 2013

Reflex Array videoLow-Cost Array Sensor for Simple Light Grid Applications

SICK ML20 Markless Sensor Eliminate the need for print marks

December 10, 2012

ML20 Markless SensorUsing pattern recognition, the ML20 Markless sensor detects the cutting position for label applications without the use of print marks. This completely new technology provides reliable detection, even with complex images means more freedom when designing packaging while allowing for more efficient utilization of space on the product instead of using unnecessary print marks and place markers.

Pepperl & Fuchs LGS Light Grid

August 14, 2012

LGS Series… Touch It, Save ItPepperl & Fuchs LGS Light Grid

The new LGS Series redefines the automation light grid category, utilizing a modern, capacitive touch field for simple, step-by-step programming without the need for PC software.  The touch field and illuminated icons easily allow the user to enable complex functions including object identification, height monitoring and beam blanking. All with the touch of a finger!  Setup has never been easier.

SICK Global Sensor G6

June 1, 2012

G6 videoSICK Global Sensor G6 photoelectric sensor – beyond the standard.  The new sensor for the whole world of automation