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SICK Flexi Loop – Safety for Every Industry

May 1, 2014

FlexiloopSaves costs with sensor cascades that communicate

The decentralized Flexi Loop integration design enables cost-saving cascading of safety switches and sensors within a machine module as well as setting up extensive diagnostic options.

The use of Flexi Loop allows integrating cost-efficiently up to eight sensor cascades with up to 32 dual-channel safety switches and safety sensors each via unshielded 5-core standard cables and standard M12 connector technology.


White Paper: Integrated Machine Safety Comes of Age

November 7, 2013

Siemens Safety White PaperDiscover the benefits of integrated safety

In a challenge to conventional wisdom that increasing safety adds cost, new research and evidence reveals the opposite.  Companies that implement safety functions, perform functional safety evaluations, and implement safety in manufacturing processes are finding benefits where few expected to—on the bottom line.

Download this safety white paper to learn how integrated safety systems that use reliable PLC technology can also help improve worker productivity, lower cost of controls, decrease machine downtime, speed time to market, and reduce litigation.

PATLITE Innovative LED status indicating lights

November 6, 2012

PATLITEWith PATLITE’s exclusive design in prism-cut lenses and LEDs, enhanced visibility can be seen from any direction and distance, such as large factories.  Get more information on PATLITE >>>