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Disney Magic & Siemens Automation Combine to Create Speed & Smiles

December 10, 2012

Disney Ride uses SiemensA peak behind the scenes of the Radiator Springs Racers Ride

Disney’s Radiator Springs Racers ride uses Siemens Simatic S7 319F failsafe controller and Sinamics G120 variable-frequency drives (VFDs) on the actual cars and Scalence W wireless access points.

Disney adopted a Siemens design with a two-piece setup for the power and control of the cars. Under the car’s hood a programmable logic controller (PLC) sits on top of the VFD, which controls the motor and provides the power. The PLC communicates to ride control via the Universal Serial Interface (USS) protocol and analog signals to the VFD.

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SIRIUS Innovations with IO-Link

April 2, 2012

IO LinkIO-Link Sets New Communication Standards –Providing point-to-point integration of actuators and sensors

IO-Link is a new communication technology that replaces conventional discrete wiring with a simple 3-wire cable.  It is NOT a network but consists of a point to point connection between an IO-link controller and up to four IO-Link devices up to 20 meters away.  Configuration is simple and requires no network address to be assigned.  more information…