Is a cobot right for you? Weigh your options with our ROI calculator

As more and more organizations are weighing the options of bring on collaborative robots to work alongside human labor, the decision making process doesn’t have to be so complex. Applied Controls Inc. now offers a free tool that can deliver some analytical clarity- showing you how a Universal Robots can help reduce automation cost.

Download the ROI calculator by filling out the form and find out how long it would take you to pay back your robotic investment.

Allows you to analyze:

  • Baselines,
  • Investment,
  • Potential scenarios,
  • Cost of a robotic cell.



Comparing Rittal vs. Hoffman Enclosures- See why Rittal is better

In a head-to-head comparison, TS 8 modular enclosures offer more than similar models from Hoffman. Every TS 8 feature is engineered to deliver superior quality, durability, Rittal Ts 8 enclosuressafety and efficiency.  From the strong, self-grounded frame to the corrosion-resistant coating, TS 8 out-performs Hoffman in every category.

Our easy comparison infographic can show you why TS 8 modular enclosures are the better choice for your needs.

Interested in learning more about Rittal TS 8 enclosures? View our product page here.

Visualize…the ability to see what your barcode reader sees

DataMan 50 image based barcode readerCognex DataMan® image-based barcode readers work like cameras; they take digital images of the product as it passes by the barcode reader. Because of this technology, DataMan barcode readers offer users performance feedback.  You can view your barcode images live or FTP images of no reads to a server for analysis and process improvement.

Start understanding why you have no reads by getting a visual confirmation of any errors that occur by upgrading to DataMan image-based barcode reading technology.

Announcing Two New Power Break Mini-sessions

Power BreaksLearn about Siemens Industry’s newest cost-effective, reliable and easy-to-use inverter, the SINAMICS V20 drive.   The new compact SINAMICS V20 drive is a simple and cost effective solution for applications that automate simple motion sequences with the need for quick commissioning.

Phoenix Contact DIN rail‐mounted relays mini session covers applications for switching, isolation, monitoring, amplifying, electromechanical or solid state relays ‐ from the original 6 mm terminal block relay and our PLC Relay, to innovative timer relays and safety relays.

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SINAMICS V20 – AC Drives for Basic Applications

Cost-effective, reliable and easy-to-use

SINAMICS V20 AC DrivesAs more and more applications in plant and machinery construction require custom solutions to automate simple motion sequences with minimal requirements, Siemens answers with the compact SINAMICS V20 drive.

The SINAMICS V20 is surprisingly versatile, features quick commissioning times, robustness, and energy efficiency. With four frame sizes, it covers a power range extending from 0.16 to 20 HP.

Netflix uses Cognex image-based barcode readers to automate the DVD return process

Read the Netflix storyOne of the most expensive processes at Netflix was the handling of DVD returns. Huge resources were tied up in manually opening mailers, taking out the sleeved discs, checking the titles on the DVDs against the sleeves, checking the discs for physical defects, cleaning them and scanning them into the system.

The automated solution utilizes advanced DataMan® barcode readers from Cognex to read barcodes on the envelope, sleeve, and DVD disc, which is communicated by the Bronway machine to a central server to ensure complete traceability throughout the process.